A Greater Understanding, A Greater Purpose

听而易忘, 见而易记, 做而易懂

I have been kept busy during this first week at Collective Responsibility. I have raised awareness about plastics sustainability through helping with an event on Thursday and drafting a blog post, and I have helped with the logistics of the training event yesterday for the Target hackathon that is occurring in two weeks. Meanwhile, I have also determined the scope of my report and contacted two migrant schools to arrange field visits. Every day has been something new, and I love it.

Through experiencing a little part of a lot of different projects, I feel that I understand more of the value of Collective Responsibility’s work. Before I got here, I knew I was wondering exactly how businesses could show that they care about social issues. Now that I have seen things in action, I understand.

Target is working with Collective to help solve a problem that greatly impacts their own workers and are investing a lot of time and capital into making the result the best it can be. Shanghai-based businesses in the food delivery industry are being proactive about the future and showed that by attending the event on Saturday. These issues are pertinent to businesses because they affect people, and people are who businesses cater their products and services to.

It is with a greater sense of confidence that I proceed with my research. I know that migrant children’s education is a problem that affects many people in Shanghai, and I am determined to create something that presents value to them.


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