Be Bold


As a part of relatively young research company that is about to reach its third anniversary, I will be conducting research that sets foundational insights for people to understand the purpose and vision of Collective Responsibility.

As a researcher participant, I have two main responsibilities. I am engaging in and integrating myself into the communities with the goal of more fully understanding their experiences, and I am also sharing my research from my observations and analyses to the communities and other groups. The founder of Collective Responsibility is also the founder of an NGO called Hands On Shanghai that specializes in volunteering and working with thousands of migrants in Shanghai and other cities in China. Hopefully, this will act as a good entry point for me to speak to and learn from the communities. After I compile my research, I will be writing an issue brief on the use of technology in education to share my insights based on my interactions with migrant communities. I will also have the chance to create infographics for social media release and develop blog posts to inform people of the issues at stake.

Collective Responsibility takes a rather raw approach to research that is very on-the-ground and bold. My days can range from grinding data in the library, to taking the streets trying to interview people, to engaging with experts within the field. Through this more informal process, I can uncover insights that I would not get through more “formal” methods. The organization’s research is currently aimed toward multinationals with arms in China. Collective Responsibility keeps up with the activity of the local and national governments but has no active involvement at present.

With Collective Responsibility, my responsibilities lie in accurately describing migrant education policies and fully presenting the possibilities of the role that technology can play. After my immersion experience, I believe that I will have an additional role: being an advocate for and spreading awareness of the issues that I have researched.


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