Dear Mr. Loewenstern

罗文斯坦先生 Dear Mr. Loewenstern, Thank you very much for being the reason that I could go on this three-month journey in China to learn more about a country that I thought I knew. By myself, I’ve been able to determine what I value, what I respect, and what I find frustrating. Emily, my fellow Fellow … More Dear Mr. Loewenstern

Goodbye Shanghai

上海拜拜 As I have finished my time at Collective Responsibility, I’ve begun to think how I can bring this experience back home. I’ve learned a lot about the education of migrant children in Shanghai, and I think the greatest problem that I’ve found is the lack of mentorship that they have throughout their education. Other … More Goodbye Shanghai

Creating Memories

保存纪念 Check out the Research page for photos that I’ve taken during my research. I believe that these are ethical because I received permission from the volunteers and classroom teachers to take photos. Because I was taking photos of children, I did not want to feature their faces too prominently in order to protect their … More Creating Memories

Trying and Teaching

三人行, 必有我师 Yesterday, I began three weeks of volunteering by teaching English at a local grassroots community center to 1st and 2nd graders. Corinne, the founder of the non-profit I am volunteering through, drove us to the site, since she coincidentally had a meeting with the site coordinators at the center as well. As we … More Trying and Teaching

Time Flies

山雨欲来风满楼 I have been think a lot about what I’ve been expecting throughout this summer, and how my experience has either met or not met these expectations so far. I will certainly say that I did not expect to be spending so much of my time inside of an office. While I have spent a … More Time Flies

Inventing & Innovating

创新创业 “China’s economy, now the world’s second largest, still suffers from low quality of growth. The lack of innovation ability has been the Achilles’ heel for economic development.” -President Xi Jinping, May 2016 Emily and I have been talking a lot about the purpose of our research and how it fits into the idea of … More Inventing & Innovating

Food For Thought

读万卷书不如行万里路 Lately, I’ve been pondering the value of my research. I understand that migrant education is a very prevalent issue, but after reading so much of other people’s research, I started to wonder if this is a topic that is no longer as pressing as it used to be. There has been progress made in … More Food For Thought

A Greater Understanding, A Greater Purpose

听而易忘, 见而易记, 做而易懂 I have been kept busy during this first week at Collective Responsibility. I have raised awareness about plastics sustainability through helping with an event on Thursday and drafting a blog post, and I have helped with the logistics of the training event yesterday for the Target hackathon that is occurring in two weeks. Meanwhile, I … More A Greater Understanding, A Greater Purpose